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Leveraging LinkedIn

Of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is likely the one you use the least. Most people don’t check LinkedIn every day, and it’s not as fun or flashy as some of the other social media sites. Even if you use LinkedIn sparingly, it can be a surprisingly powerful tool. Here are some ways to leverage that power to grow your network, expand your professional contacts, and maybe even land a new job:

  1. Add new connections

LinkedIn wants you to be connected to as many people as possible, and the gold standard is 500 connections. Work on adding new people into your network – both people you know personally and professionally – to achieve this goal.

  1. Explore the “Jobs” tab

If you’re seeking a new opportunity or want to change employers, take a look at some of the great tools LinkedIn has created to assist job seekers. You can find open positions, establish salary expectations, and prepare for common interview questions.

  1. Check your messages

A lot of people forget to check their messages. There could be some important people trying to get in touch with you, and it’s best to respond in a timely manner. You can also send messages to professional contacts who might have job openings or keen insights for you.

  1. Engage on the homepage

You can scroll through your feed to see the content that other people in your network have posted, and you shouldn’t be shy about liking, commenting, or sharing them. Interacting is a good way to share your thoughts, congratulate people on their successes, and show others that you’re a thought leader.

  1. Make a new post

You can demonstrate your value and expertise by posting a new idea, praising your coworkers, or sharing an article you’ve found particularly interesting. Share meaningful content about your professional life, work experiences, or challenges; however, be sure to keep your posts professional in nature instead of personal like you would on other platforms.

  1. Learn something new

There is a tool called LinkedIn Learning that is free to all users. You can take courses about specific topics, including interpersonal skills, customer service, technologies, and so much more. If you need to sharpen your skills, LinkedIn will teach you and then endorse you publicly to showcase your knowledge.

Explore all of the tabs and sub-tabs LinkedIn makes available, and you might be shocked at how much there is to do. If you need your LinkedIn profile update by a professional, RésuméReady will be glad to help! We offer personalized résumés, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile updates by a Certified Professional Résumé Writer at an affordable rate. Check out www.ready4resume.com/neighbors for more information about these and other career services.

Mark Misiano, MBA, CPRW, CDCS

Mark began his career in higher education – serving in academic advising and communications roles – before becoming an entrepreneur. RésuméReady was born out of the desire to make professional career services available to everyone enduring the stress of a job transition. He has experience supporting more than 1,000 clients at all career levels and from all over the world. 

As a Certified Professional Résumé Writer and Certified Digital Career Strategist (a LinkedIn expert), Mark’s expertise is unparalleled. He is experienced working with job seekers at all levels, from graduating college students to Fortune 500 executives.

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