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Is your Résumé Good or Great?

A quality résumé is hard to produce. It can be difficult to capture your value in a way that makes sense to hiring managers, and it’s tough to brag about yourself. Remember that the purpose of your résumé is to hook the reader – you want them to read in depth and to look at you for as long as possible. Statistically speaking, hiring managers interview people whose résumés catch their eye and keep them engaged.

The goal of your résumé is not to land you a new job; the goal is to engage the reader in meaningful and memorable ways so they want to interview you. Here are a few ways to move from a good résumé to a great résumé.

Good Résumé

Great Résumé

Explain the requirements of your previous position to give the reader an understanding of the scope of your experience.

Describe your top accomplishments and achievements to convey how you contributed to success in your past roles.

Provide details about experiences so the hiring manager can grasp the full picture.

Use short, 1-2 line bullet points with concise language and save details for the interview.

List your entire work history.

Focus on the last 10 years.

Include information about how your skills led to success in previous positions.

Call out specific transferable skills and how they’ll relate to the roles you’re pursuing.

Use your job description as a basis for the content you write on the résumé, and list all your daily tasks and responsibilities.

Add quantifiables and measurable outcomes from your proudest moments instead of listing mundane duties.

When you’re reading through the content you’ve written on your résumé, ask yourself several questions:

  • Will someone read this and think, “So what?”
  • Am I simply expressing what I did, or am I describing how I added value?
  • How can I quantify this information?
  • Can I explain this in a more concise way?
  • Is this the most important thing I want the hiring manager to know about me?

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Mark Misiano, MBA, CPRW, CDCS

Mark began his career in higher education – serving in academic advising and communications roles – before becoming an entrepreneur. RésuméReady was born out of the desire to make professional career services available to everyone enduring the stress of a job transition. He has experience supporting more than 1,000 clients at all career levels and from all over the world. 

As a Certified Professional Résumé Writer and Certified Digital Career Strategist (a LinkedIn expert), Mark’s expertise is unparalleled. He is experienced working with job seekers at all levels, from graduating college students to Fortune 500 executives.

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